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Beloved Evg. Loren & Celesti Davis

Greetings from India we had good result from Nellore District. Our prayers and burden for the Hindu brother's and sister is not vast.

For your kind information we give your website address as scrolling when the message is going on.

Nearly 1300 pastors appreciate your boldness and braveness in your messages.

Many Many phone calls,people want here some more massages from you. Especially your flight accident testimony.

Many educated people watching your website.

Today we receive the CD's Incredible India.

thousands of people want to change their lives.

The most wonderful testimonie I receive just few minits back

We receive the very wonderful testmonies from Nellore district.

The very first from the Hindu family

  1. DURGA SANKAR RAO & SOWNDARYA (Hindu) : sankarrao is medical represent and his wife swondarya is nurse in hospital. As a tracefer in the job they came to Nellore district. His wife suffering from the witchcraft demonic spirits. She is unable to sleep at night. Since 6 month all the family suffering from this. They saw the message of yours and powerful prayers they obey to Jesus Christ. From that unwards she release from the demonic spirits.those family belives Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

  2. Swapna(Hindu) : Since one year suffering fron the demonic spirits. She use to tear her clothes and ranaway from the house. When the air cost watching she fell down and cried out very loudly the demonic power has gone. Know she is free from the demonic spirits.

  3. Ramaiah(Hindu): He lost all his money and land in cards playing His wife want to take divorce from him. Know she is staying along with her parent. He is in depression no one can't help him. He prays many god's but can't get any peace of mind. When watched your message through the TV. He has small belief in Jesus Christ. He keel down and pray like this "Jesus in the TV Loren is saying that Jesus is real and only one God, If you are God you know of position, Please help me to come out from this pathetic position. Next very morning one of his childhood friends came. He gave him 50.000 rupees; this is a gift to start even a small business. Afternoon time his wife came to stay along with him. He believes in Jesus Christ.

  4. Nirmala(Hindu) Realeases from the stomatch pain

  5. Ganga Bhavani(Hindu) since one week suffering from the viral feavour. Immedeatly she get healing.

  6. Vemaiah(Hindu) He lost his 2 baffelows.He is searching many places for them since 10 days. When he hearing the TV message.And he is thinking about Jesus Christ. He heard the noice of the baffelows he came out from the house and saw the baffelow are infornt of his house.

  7. Bhanu(Hindu): He realized Jesus is real and only one God. He decided not to the Hindu temples.

  8. Venu(Hindu boy) released from the high feavour.

  9. Yamuna: (Hindu) In the accident she had leg boon fatcher. The doctors operation her and kept steel rood in her leg. She is unable to walk properly since one year.When she heard the sound walk in the name of Jesus. She stand up start waking even jumping the family members wondered and belive Jesus is the real God.

  10. Vinayaka rao: (Hindu) He is sweeper in the venkateswaras temple. Ten years he is doing the same job. Not prosperous in his life. Early morning 7;30 he watched the TV message THE UNKNOWN GOD. The spirit of the Holy work's with him. He realized what he serving is only statu. He decided to leave his job and stand for Jesus Christ.He need our prayers.

  11. Tirupataiah (Hindu) He has some sight problem in his eye and he get healing. Know he is looking properly with his 2 eyes.

  12. Srinu:(hindu) He use to drink 5 botiles of alchohal everyday.He realeses from the drunked spirit.

  13. Prasad: (Hindu) He has illegal connection with another woman. He realize that is sin and want to realize from the bondages.

  14. Hemalatha(Hindu) : She has the though of to drink poison to die because of the disputes between the family. After her husband went to the duty she want to do this. She heard the message jesus work with her. She realize that this is the work of the satan. She belives in Jesus Christ.

  15. Bhanu(hindu) realeases from the Maleriaya feavour.

  16. Venkat(hindu) realizes from the diabatic.

  17. Kavita(hindu): tumor desappiar from her neck

  18. Pondu(Hindu) release from the paralasis and Walking in the name of Jesus

  19. Rangamma(hindu) healing from diaria.

  20. Kumar(Hindu) since he is suffering from back pain. He is not to be sit properly. Totlly healed from the back pain.

Many more testimonies are there. Millions of people hear the word of God through the TV chanel.

Many Christians are strenghthen through the word of Jesus Christ.

Our main aim is to take the Gosple to the Hindu people.

Many people phoned to telecast your testimony also (flight accidents).

Ajay Reddy (Hindu) : He has fourty years Old. yearly once's he and all of his family members use to go all the main hindu temples all over India. But he has no peace of mind with the worship of the Hindu god's. He believes in his heart there is another one God who has the very supernatural powerful, and sinless God. when you preaching the unknown God message.He is realise Jesus Christ is real God and He has the supreme all over the other gods.

your's Isaiah & Ravi

  1. Ravamma (hindu woman) age 45 years. since 5 years she is suffering with the boil wound in her stomoch. she consult many doctors but not cure. Finally the doctors decided to operation to remove the wound, doctors said no guarantee for the life. with in one week she need to go to the hospital for the operation. she has lot of sorrow in her heart and her family also. when she watching our TV program unknown God. She believe Jesus Christ is God.she thinks her self if Jesus is real God He can heal me from this sickness,then she feeling be come free-ness in her body and mind.she became very happy and faithful said to their family members. I am feeling that my wood was cured no need to go to the doctor. The family members take her to the hospital the doctor scan her stomach and said she is very health no need to do operation. Jesus is moving among the Hindu people. praise God.

  2. Prasad (hindu) kandukur.

    Since their forefathers they are worshipping Durga goddess. He has no peace of mind unfortunately his 7 years old son died in the river one year back. He is searching for the peace of mind. He watched our TV programs and Jesus work in his heart. Jesus open his eyes to know the real God. Then silently he remove the big photo of the goddess at night time he through it out in the rivar and come back. He phoned us and said THANK YOU SIR. I am feeling the prescience of the Jesus Christ.

    His all family members belive in Jesus Christ.

  3. Kristna Sastri (hindu preast) markapuram

    He is preast in Siva temple everyday morning 4 a.m.he use to go to the temple and worship Siva people use to come to the temple and going back and living their own ways. He is thinking about this.what happen all of human being after death in the Purana's it is written they Bron again like crow or like animal or like another human being. It is very much confusing his thoughts. unfortunately he heard the message what happen after death.

    He feel in the spirit very free and think this is very close to the truth.He phoned me and said I am not very far to the real truth. And said I want to buy Bible want to know about Jesus Christ. He appreciates you very much.

yesterday I gave water baptism to the 5 hindu people and join them in the pentecostal church.

Our burden and our prayers about hindu people not waste.Jesus is moving among the Hindu people in Ongole district.

finally the result is good for our air-cost in Ongole.


I will send the recept and population of the Nellore district with in few minits

we love you so much

Dr.Isaiah & Ravi

. RANI: Her husband truk driver and drinker she has 2 daughters. everyday he drank and came to the house night time making the house very terrible. Rani desided to hang her self to ascape all the painful life. she watched the massage. she criedout and pray to Jesus with broken heart and prayer to the Almighty Lord for the happy peaceful life with her husband and family. Since 4 days she saw the change in her husband.

Praise Jesus this new I got yesterday.



KRUPA: since 5 years they searching for the boy to marray to thier 32 years old daughter your massage encourage her and she faithully belive Every thing is possible to Jesus christ.this day they are celebrating the function of the engagement. Her daughter get good


Vani : filled with the Holy spirit. and talked in tongues.

Jyothi: Since 4 years she and is separated from her husbands family when you are praying for the people in the TV she belive that she and her husband can live together. She phoned to me today her husband came to take her to their house, Jyothi is so happy now.

Vamsi: drug edictor he use to beat his family members for the money to drink alchohal, some time's he robbery in the houses of the people. His mother and he saw the TV air cost then he cryingout he want to come form the bondages of sin. This day his mother mary phoned us since the day when he saw the massage from Loren Davais. Her son staying at home and not go to drink alchohal.Praise God

For His glory. Many people are asking for your wonderful testimony.

We are able to take the powerful messages of our Eve. Loren Davis all most all the villages of Ongole district.

Still I am receiving the PHONE'S from Ongole.

Beloved Evg.Loren & Celesti Davis

we give your website scolling when the message is going on. as early as possible we will take another phone.

Our next reacing district is YSR KADAPA DISTRCT.

BLUE MARKED DISTRICT.The cost is the same $2000 and travell.

POPULATION 29,84,524

Area Sq. Km


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